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Angela Norman


Angela Norman is a K-6 Physical Education and classroom teacher at Woodland Elementary in Trinity-Bay, NL. She started her teaching career 14 years ago in central Newfoundland  at St. Peter’s Academy, Westport, teaching K-12 PE and 3/4 Multiage classroom methods. Outside the classroom Angela can be found in her hometown of Bay Roberts running, teaching fitness class at Fusion Fitness or in any rink, field or gymnasium chasing her 6 year old son Jack or 4 year old daughter, Elizabeth. She is an active community volunteer with the towns recreation/ special events committee hosting tournaments and special community events. Angela is also a member of Skate Newfoundland and Labrador with over 25 years of volunteer work,  evaluating or judging skaters in our province. She hopes to bring to the forefront in her school and surrounding schools the importance of Health and Physical education in schools today. Contact: 


Vice President

Stephen Pike


Stephen Pike brings a passion and love for Health & Physical Education to the Health Education Council. Stephen completed his B.P.E (Honours) and B.Ed at Memorial University and currently teaches PE and Science in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. Stephen has made lasting impacts as a PE specialist in many parts of the province, including St. John’s, Central, and the south coast of Labrador. He is an active member of every community he reaches, implementing quality physical activity programs for schools and community members. He is strong advocate for elevating Health & Physical Education.


Kimberley Crocker 


Kim Crocker possess a Bachelor of Recreation and a Bachelor of Education (Physical Education Concentration), and hopes to bring an educational insight to physical, mental, and social well-being. Graduating in August of 2015, Kim is now in a replacement position at Memorial Academy teaching K-6 physical education, grade 5 health and grade 6 science. This is her first experience on an NLTA council and Kim is excited to pursue the role of Treasurer.


Former Executive - Thank you

Kellie Baker

Jillian Lahey

Stuart Macgivillary


Eileen Gerrow 


Eileen Gerrow is a new addition to the Health Education council. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Physical Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. Currently, she teaches K-12 Physical Education, 4-6 Science and 4-6 Health at Gros Morne Academy in Rocky Harbour. Eileen has been teaching for 15 years and is very excited to join the Health Education council and will provide experience and leadership in the area of health education.


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